The Enyo


Why such a small knife

Ever hear the phrase “good things come in small packages”? This is one we hear all the time in regards to our little Enyo blade. The Enyo is a small neck knife that that we designed several years ago that continues to become of our top sellers.

We received a phone call from a soldier in Iraq who worked for a Provisional Reconstruction Team or PRT. These teams were tasked with the rebuilding and construction of Iraqi hospitals, schools and bridges. He explained that they were in the process of conducting shuras or meetings with local village elders. The purpose of which is to decide the affairs of the communities they were working in. As you can imagine, these meeting can get pretty heated and entering a Shura wearing a helmet and carrying a machinegun doesn’t always help. This is why the soldiers wanted a small fixed blade knife that could be worn but not seen.

Simultaneously, we were receiving requests from our civilian customers to make a neck knife, commonly referred to as a “necker”. The timing seemed right, so we made the decision to move forward on a design. While we knew that the knife would never become a government project, we figured we would apply a little military twist on it’s design process. We were going to make the blade as if we were in the military and preparing a Critical Needs Statement. A Critical Needs Statement is a document we learned to write in the Army. It was basically a way of convincing the Chain of Command that you really needed something and why they should buy it for you…

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