A new twist on a classic pattern.

The Trapper is one of the best-selling patterns of all time. It fits well in the pocket, gives you the right blades for almost any job, and it’s really hard to improve upon, but Rough Rider is giving it a go. Building on the strength of the classic Trapper pattern, Rough Rider introduces the “Bow Trapper” this Spring, and we got our hands on one early.

At around 4” closed, the Bow Trapper feels slightly larger than the classic Large Trapper pattern. It features black smooth-bone handles, nickel-silver bolsters (with a new stamped ‘R’ look for Rough Rider), brass pins and liners, a modified spay blade,  and modified clip point blade.  From insiders at Rough Rider, we’re told the Bow Trapper will be available with standard stainless steel blades, as well as titanium coated, high-carbon steel blades (as shown in the image above).

What makes the Bow Trapper really stand out is the modified handle, which literally “bows” and widens at the butt end of the knife. While it is pretty to look at, the “bow” of the Bow Trapper makes this knife feel far more comfortable in the palm of your hand while you’re using it. The new shape also helps accommodate the modified blades, which are clearly beefed up from their predecessors in the classic Large Trapper pattern. The main clip point blade is 2¾” long, and the secondary spay blade is 2½” long. Both blades feature gorgeous swedging detail that really enhance the look of this knife.