Knives are handy tools to have on you every day. They are cutting instruments that are great for opening cardboard boxes, slicing food, cutting rope, whittling a stick, etc. Knife blades are designed to cut, slice, and slash through material easily. The tip is great for piercing. Their thin nature, compared to a pry bar, is by design, though some fixed blades are much thicker for their use.

However, folding knives are not and should not be used as a pry bar or screwdriver. Unless designed to do so, prying or driving screws with a folding knife can damage the blade, pivot, and/or lock. Using it for anything other than its intended use is detrimental. Not only can you cause harm to the tool, you can also harm yourself in the process. Would you ever take a sports car off-roading where it is only accessible by lifted 4x4s? Would you go jogging with gloves on your feet? Even though it is possible, we hope not.

The properties that make a good folding knife are contrary to that of a prying tool or screwdriver. Always use the right tool for the right job.

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