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Knife Newsroom: I’m hiding in the closet with a new Reate Wave

Yes. I’m hiding in the closet with a brand new Reate Wave. No, I’m not waiting to jump out and stab someone. I’m hiding because I’ve been carrying this sample in my pocket all week, and they’re looking for it. If I stay here and I’m quiet, I think they’ll give up soon, and I ‘ll get to keep it.

Seriously. Have you seen these knives? They’re unbelievable, and I’m keeping this one. They’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hand if they want it.


The Reate I have in right this minute is the Wave M390. It’s full. flat. ground. M390 steel. M-3-9-0! Do you understand what that means? For wear resistance and edge retention, there’s only one steel that beats it. On the HRC (hardness) chart, it’s in the top five. It’s the cream of the crop when it comes to steel, and it’s in this knife – the one I have in my hand right now.


Beyond that, its handles and pocket clip are titanium. Let’s put this in perspective. When you replace a bone in your body, you do it with titanium – because it’s awesome and it lasts. Think about that for a second. This knife is made of a material that literally beats the stuff you were created with, and that doesn’t even touch the fact that it has this awesome light blue, checkered titanium inlay that makes this knife easier to grip and makes it look unreal.

The action on this one-hand opener is sick. Flick of the wrist and fingertip on the three-notched flipper, and the ball-bearing pivot lets that blade slip out quick and easy before it locks into place.

This knife is perfect. It’s 4 3/8” closed, has a 3 1/4” drop point M390 blade that is 15/16” thick, and I’m going to quit writing now because I need to be quiet. They’re close. I hear them down the hall. I’m keeping this Reate Wave. After all the crap they’ve put me through, I’m keeping this one.

If you want one, get your own Reate Wave.


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Editor’s Note: We found Tim in the closet. Turns out that he didn’t need to be dead for us to pry it from his cold hand. Of course, we are wondering why his hands are so cold and creepy.

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