[GUEST BLOG]: I’ll never forget the time my girlfriend, Zara, and I set out on our very first camping adventure together. It was early in our relationship and what made this trip so memorable for me was enjoying the tranquility of the outdoors while sharing a campfire-meal with the woman I would marry a few years later.

Few things bring people closer together than breaking bread around the table, but there’s something magical about the warmth of a campfire under a canopy of stars that forms bonds not easily broken.

I believe that there is a campfire chef in all of us. All it requires is the desire to make a great meal and some preparation prior to venturing into the wild. With that in mind, I’ve outlined a few principles to help bring your campfire cooking skills to the next level.

Preparing ahead means more time to kick back.
Prior to your trip, I recommend planning out each daily meal at a high-level. Once that’s done, determine what ingredients you’ll need to prep beforehand. If a recipe calls for chopped veggies, try chopping them up to size ahead of time, and while you’re at it, double or triple the amount if you think you’ll use the same ingredient for multiple meals. Toss each ingredient into a sealable plastic container and you are ready to go.

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