This year, we released a lot of great products including new high-end folders, budget folders, updated SlimJims and Folding Saw, multi-tools, a karambit, and packs. Yes, we said packs.


Breaking the mold on conventional tactical packs, SOG introduces a new line of packs that serve the traditional tactical user with added components designed for outdoor adventures. These packs take inspiration from field-proven knives and then mixes in features fit for the modern user.


Virtually every multi-tool begins with pliers. SOG multi-tools are unmistakable from the competition by its uncontested strength of our plier heads, material selection, and use of innovative-patented technologies, and the drive to make the best tool available.


SOG’s folding knives have been proven by many from the officers of law enforcement to soldiers of the US Special Forces and nine-to-five office admins to weekend warriors. Using high-quality materials, proven and innovative technologies, low-carry pocket clips, and award-winning designs ensure that SOG knives meet the demands of the most critical user: you.


In 1986, SOG began its journey with the SOG Bowie by replicating a unique combat knife and paying tribute to the Special Ops unit in Vietnam that created it. Thirty years later, SOG is the world’s leader in specialized fixed blades, offering superior sharpness, styling, feel, and balance with every knife.

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